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June 2009
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frank [userpic]
hill-> /\ * <- me

who would have thought i'd make it to 31? all this fast living can't keep me down!

yesterday i had some thai food at satay. it was pretty good but you usually have to pay a lot more for portions that small. they need to raise their prices if they want to play that game.

anyway, we stopped at sun harvest on the way back to the office to pick up some filler dried fruit and nuts to snack on. i think i figured out why the turkish apricots were $3/lb vs the california ones that were $10/lb. my vision started getting weird around 5pm.. it felt like it might be the onset of a migraine, but it never got that bad. i got a bit of a headache and felt nauseous so i went home instead of playing poker. i took 4 hour nap and i feel better now. that's going to mess up my sleep schedule, though.

i think i will go heat up some lasagna for dinner.

Current Music: soma.fm illinois street lounge

what did you get at Satay? I always get the tofu Satay dinner and it's a SHITTON of tofu. I can never finish it.

Our archon is a growing lad!

i got the ginger chicken stir fry. two other guys got the daily special. they were all in very small bowls with two balls of rice. the other guy got the lunch special chicken skewers- 3 skewers containing a total of maybe 3oz of chicken. maybe the dinner portions are bigger, but i don't think we'll be going back for lunch.

I was unaware that you are older than me.

*streamers* *confetti*

do not pity me!

in the year two thousannnnd....in the year two thousANNNND

In the year 2000, Mr T realizes pitying fools only leads to pity sex with fools.

Hey, it's still fun this side of the hill too...! Happy birthday!

Just think, next year you gain a bit...

You're still a whippersnapper to me. Or some kind of snapper, anyways.

Happy Archon Day!