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June 2009
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frank [userpic]

i decided to make some posts. i'll be doing a writeup about every cd i've ever bought. or until i get tired of it. from ac/dc to white zombie. that doesn't really describe the spectrum, except alphabetically. but anyway, here we go!

ac/dc live (2 cd set)

i remember buying this set in san antonio at some little cd store near my house. it was probably around 1994. san antonio is way more of an ac/dc town than austin. this set reminds me of 99.5 KISS. i still miss lisle and hahn.

the packaging is a double-length cardboard thing with a full size pic of angus on it. i don't think they package it like this anymore. it has a detachable fold out poster that i never detached because i'm anal about stuff like that. it also includes a fake dollar-bill that says "in rock we trust."

because of being re-released and re-mastered, it's both #3 and #8 on the amazon hard rock and metal live albums bestseller list.

i've always enjoyed ac/dc but this is the only album of theirs i ever bought. it has all the classics and then some. of course it's mostly brian johnson material. i can't remember the last time i actually listened to these cds. it's probably been at least 10 years. i guess i hear enough ac/dc on the radio to get my fill. it's true what they say that ac/dc is one of the few bands that can get away with making the same song over and over. as such, it's hard to name a favorite song. it's officially a 16-way tie.


I don't believe you.

that is, like, the best song.

which part?

i will comment to each post if or if not i have the same album

acdc sucks, i do not have this album

this will be your legacy!

i can only dream

You have no music before AC/DC? No ABBA?