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June 2009
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frank [userpic]
aerosmith - get a grip

this is another album i bought in high school and another one i probably haven't listened to since i was in high school. i guess i got it primarily for the track _livin' on the edge_ that was popular at the time. i still like that one ok. the part when it cuts out to the wind blowing and then the kick drum starts pounding sticks out in my mind.

looking back over the track list, i probably wouldn't have bought it in the age of mp3s. seriously.. eat the rich? who is singing this? hobo steven tyler? aerosmith does a mix of fun and serious songs across their discography. i like many of both of them, but the serious side definitely wins on this album. the trilogy of ballads on this one - cryin', crazy, and amazing were big hits with the alicia/liv videos.

not much to say about aerosmith that hasn't been said before. hopefully some of my cds will make for more interesting entries.


When I was in high school my friend said

"Hey check it out, I just got a bass cannon for my car!"

"What's a bass cannon?"

"Listen to this part of Livin on the Edge..."

*wind noise, thump thump thump, we livin on the EDGE*

"Now here it is with the bass cannon..."

*wind noise....BOOOOOM BOOOOM BOOOOM, we livin on the EDGE*

"Holy crap! A bass cannon is awesome!"

Haha, Steven Tyler definitely did a lot of that hobo style singing. What about his version of Come Together by the Beatles? I could have a laundry list. But yeah, I am not a fan of the song Eat The Rich. Besides, we didn't see the teenage versions of Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler on that video.

well, by 'hobo' i just meant it's an anti-rich people song and steven tyler isn't exactly poor. i didn't even know they made a video for that one.

Haha, I don't think they made a video, that was kinda the point. (: ie; the song sucks... there was no video. Livin' on the Edge... Cryin' etc... good songs... there were videos. YAY! (:

oh, they actually did.. there's one on youtube anyway

I don't recognize this album, as in my universe, Aerosmith disbanded after recording "Pump" and thus avoided the embarrassing trauma of albums that range from mediocre to terrible largely due to hiring professional songwriters to crank out sterile radio-friendly hits with videos that extended their career because Tyler had a young hot daughter.

I would, however, like to watch hobo Steven Tyler fight with boxcar Neil Young in a railyard somewhere. I would find that quite entertaining.

someone call don king and let's get this thing going

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

well in 40 years you're probably going to have some songs that sound similar but they're no ac/dc or helmet and certainly no coldplay!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

coldplay is the best U2 cover band, EVER!

aerosmith sucks

are you doing bands that suck from a to z

i do not have this album, thank jesus!!!

oh don't worry, i'll be getting to my girly music soon

I've always figured that Aerosmith is one of those bands that are better on Greatest Hits collections then on their albums.

please stay tuned for the next exciting entry!