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June 2009
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frank [userpic]
aerosmith - greatest hits

screw you, bruce mcculloch!

this is my other aerosmith cd. i probably bought it around 1995 or so and haven't listened to it in a long time. being greatest hits, i still often hear many of them on the radio. this is actually their best selling album ever (over 11 million copies).

dream on is one of my favorite aerosmith songs. i always remember that mtv video of the live performance with the orchestra. it seems like a farewell song but it's from their debut album.

the rest of this collection is really good too. sweet emotion, and walk this way stand out for me. and of course, the most famous cover of come together.

you have to admire those bands that have truly made a decades-spanning career out of their music (even if they maybe should have stopped a long time ago). they've been going at it for nearly 40 years now and they're working on a new album and tour right now. they've certainly had their ups and downs and this cd highlights a lot of their musical strengths.


now I 'want' to know the bruce reference...tell me.

quite a stretch frank. but ahh 'greatest hits'..

yeah.. perhaps i should have saved that line for when i actually make my post entitled the doors - greatest hits