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June 2009
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frank [userpic]
afghan whigs - gentlemen

i'm pretty sure pokee introduced me to the afghan whigs. this is a very angsty album that i'm sure i enjoyed more in my angstier days.

i listened to this cd again recently after i heard the title track on the radio (hooray flashback lunch). i still like most of it, but it kind of peters out for the last three songs. overall, i'd say the album is best listened to as a whole as opposed to individual tracks.

my favorite track on this album is _my curse_. i can listen to that song over and over. oddly, it's the only one not sung by greg dulli. i read somewhere that it was too personal for him to sing it on this record, though he has performed it live since. how's that for angst? the lazy rolling guitar, perfectly timed crescendos, heartbeat-drum-to-cymbal-crashes, and marcy mays singing make one seriously addictive combination.


You really are updating!!


alas, it is true

my curse is great if you're full of turmoil and also very drunk. or if you're waking up in the morning to go to work.

or all three!

indeed! i will have to try that someday. probably when i am less pregnant and more employed. though the turmoil part might be more difficult to come up with, then.

Interestingly, Mark is also responsible for my interest in the Afghan Whigs. I have 'gentlemen', and the album after that - '1965', which I claim is superior. But it's been a few years since I've listened to either, and now I feel compelled to revisit the issue. Hmmm....

I <3 Greg Dulli.