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i went to do a little grocery shopping tonight, just after midnight. i was sitting at the stoplight on Parmer at McNeil. see all those trees on the top left behind the gas station in the image below? that's now a shopping center. so anyway, a white SUV comes flying down parmer in the opposite direction doing at least 80. he jumped across the median dividing Parmer, went through the intersection on the wrong side, passed me and went through the parking lot of the shell station to my right. then he shot right past the gas pumps.

aside: between the shell station and the starbucks behind me (green dot), there's a... i'll call it a ravine that's about 10 feet deep and maybe 70 feet wide (i suck at these types of estimates). it's probably the pad sites for a couple more shops that don't have their foundation laid yet. halfway across this ravine there's a wall of rock held up by chicken wire.

i'm guessing about the rest of this because i couldn't see it: he barreled through the fence after the shell station. flying over the ravine, he clipped the top of the rock wall, and bounced at the muddy bottom. something he hit must have started him spinning because he landed 180 degrees from the direction he was heading. i'm also guessing about the bounce because i saw what looked like an impact point after the rock wall and nothing between that and where he landed (25 ft away).

i turned right onto mcneil and parked at the shell station. a guy who had come out of there was already at the SUV helping the guy out of his car. i called 911 to report the accident. the driver was wearing his seatbelt and didn't seem to be seriously injured. there was a plastic gas container near the car that the driver had thrown out after he stopped. he didn't seem to know what happened. one of the policemen guessed that maybe the gas fumes knocked him out. if that ravine hadn't been there, he would have gone straight into the starbucks.

bedtime for me now.

i finally replaced the mustang today. it was just easier than cleaning it. a friend of mine that i play pool with just got a job selling cars in round rock. he told me about this one the other night. i went and test drove it on friday night and then bought it today. black/graphite 2005 acura TL with about 11k miles on it.


i received an invitation today to a bat mitzvah in fairfax, va.

i have no idea who these people are. it's a pretty nice invitation, too- not cheap. very clearly addressed to me. rather strange.

does anyone who reads this remember a journal that was a fictional account of a woman who found some box and turned into this story involving a burningman-like festival? i could have sworn i followed the link to her journal from one of you. this invitation reminded me of that journal..

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8.13.7/8.13.7 2006/06/14

A malformed MIME structure with many parts can cause sendmail to crash while trying to send a mail due to a stack overflow, e.g., if the stack size is limited (ulimit -s). This happens because the recursion of the function mime8to7() was not restricted. The function is called for MIME 8 to 7 bit conversion and also to enforce MaxMimeHeaderLength. To work around this problem, recursive calls are limited to a depth of MAXMIMENESTING (20); message content after this limit is treated as opaque and is not checked further. Problem noted by Frank Sheiness.

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good surprise: "coming up next we have some lush on klbj, austin's rock classic..."

bad surprise: hearing the opening riffs of "closer to the heart"

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i'm 30!

my auto repair posts could never be as entertaining as warhol's, but here goes..

sometime last year, i was having problem starting my car. i took it to a an auto shop near my house and they ended up replacing my alternator. i told a mechanic friend of mine about it and he said i should have brought it to him.

so on a separate occasion, i was having the same type of problem and i asked my friend for help. he took a look at it and determined that the starter was going bad. it would occassionally end up in such a position where it just didn't work. so, anyway, he replaced it and all was once again right with the world.

fast forward to this wednesday night when i stopped at the grocery store for some bread on my way home from work. when i got back to my car, it refused to start. i called a friend and he drove over. we looked at the battery and it was pretty dry. i put some distilled water in it and we tried to jumpstart it.

this was comedy in itself because i nearly put the cables on backwards until he stopped me. then he put the cables on backwards on his own car. that was some serious sparkage and jumper cable heating uppage. well my car refused to start even after jumping it so he just gave me a ride home.

i had my alternator replaced by a car shop near my house.

the next day he gave me a ride back to the store where i arranged to meet a tow truck. when i got there, i tried to start the car again, and still no love. mr. tow truck was about 20 minutes late. as soon as he got there, i stood up and went to get my keys. oops. more comedy. i locked my keys in the car when i tried to start it. apparently his company doesn't want their tow truck drivers doing service calls anymore so he doesn't carry a slim jim. so we waited another 20 minutes for the locksmith to come open my door. finally, we were on our way to the auto shop down the street.

at the auto shop, they started looking at my car while i watched lou dobbs and jack cafferty deliver what must be the source of jon stewart's worst media nightmares on cnn. eventually, the guy at the counter got my attention and asked who installed my starter. i told him it was a friend. he told me that this starter was a refurbished one and from a not-so-hot brand. of course, in the process of going bad, it basically fried the battery so they had to replace the starter and the battery. he said a starter was one of the things for which you should never use a refurbished part.

so now what i'm wondering is if i should confront my friend about it. i'm not sure what good it would do. what do you think?

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sarah got sick on monday, so i wasn't sure if she would want to do anything on valentines day. i had to work monday night and that turned into an all nighter. i finally got home around 9am on tuesday. this foiled my plan of getting v-day stuff on tuesday since i could stay home from work; i ended up sleeping all day. i was kind of wanting to cook dinner for us, but sarah really wanted to go out somewhere nice.

i made a few calls and scored a late reservation at mirabelle. (thanks for the mention, sinndar) the dinner was ok, but definitely not worth the price. i got the veal piccata and it was basically like chicken fried steak. sarah's beef tenderloin was pretty good. the garlic mashed potatoes had way too much butter and garlic. i was surprised they didn't drip through the fork.

dessert was.. interesting. sarah had the lemon tart thing and could only eat one bite. it reminded her of this iron chef episode where the ingredient was turkey and they made some kind of turkey ice cream. we just couldn't get past the turkey taste.

after dinner we went home and watched some tv. after that we went upstairs to do computery things for awhile. sarah decided she was hungry so i fixed her some cereal. when i gave it to her she started sifting through her grape nuts flakes. i asked what she was looking for. she said she thought maybe i stuck a ring in there. i said that would be silly because it's right here in this little box!

so, there you have it. i am now engaged to be married to the most wonderful girl in the world.Collapse )

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i just went to get a couple fun-size candy bars out of the giant cannister-o-candy in the breakroom. i couldn't help but notice the large maple and brown sugar granola bar floating, out of place, at the top of the heap. just sitting there, pondering how it was going to make its way back to the basket of granola bars at the other end of the counter.

i wonder if the granola bar was left on purpose as someone's reminder to themeself the next time they reach for the wrong snack. or perhaps it was kicked to the proverbial curb on the way to the drink fridge as someone gave into sweet, chocolaty tempatation.

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these are all radio inspired:

heard tonight on love lines while driving home: how do you think the number of girls who wanted to be veteranarians and didn't compares to the number of boys that wanted to be professional sports players and didn't?

i heard a commercial for these on the radio the other day. they highly stressed the quiet nature of the container. is this really a problem, ladies? have you been asking for this? just curious.

and finally; there are people who don't like chocolate. there are people who don't like sex. there are people that don't like midget hookers chewing bubble gum. but.. is there anyone that doesn't like them some creedence?

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